We cannot live without breathing, and we cannot live well without breathing well.  Our breath is the energy source for our voice.  Breathing has an intimate relationship with swallowing - both share part of the same system, but cannot occur at the same time.

Targeted Areas in My Practice


“I use her techniques and it truly works. No matter what exercise I am doing, there is always a way to improve the way I am breathing and that is by doing Liz's exercises. The best thing is now I am not afraid to work hard on a hot day in August.”
- Claire Prosperi, age 18, High School Softball

“We were very thankful that Claire had no heart issues contributing to these scary breathing incidents, it was great that she does not have asthma, but what the heck was this Vocal Cord Dysfunction (VCD) thing?  ... To say that Liz may have saved Claire's athletic career (playing basketball and softball in high school, and moving on to D3 softball in college) is not too strong a statement.  These breathing incidents really scared her (and me), and once we got to Liz she just calmly explained what was going on, and what could be done.  It was very reassuring.  Liz is a very gifted professional.”
- Nadine Prosperi, mother of client

“I was running in the 3200 meter run at my conference track meet when I began to have troubles taking in air. Right before I finished the race I collapsed. Even though I ended up finishing the race, I was rushed off to the emergency room, barely able to breath. The doctors could not specifically identify what my issue was, so I visited several other doctors, including my pediatrician and an allergist for their opinions. However, I was still unable to get a solution, or even a definitive answer to my breathing problem. Then I began to meet with Liz. She taught me how to breath correctly, to focus on the exhale instead of the inhale, and to imagine like I was blowing out a candle. All through this time I had begun my training for the cross country season, and by incorporating the new breathing techniques I learned, I was running faster than ever before without any shortness of breath, dropping my 3mile time by at least one minute. I came to strongly believe in this method of breathing and always practice it. Liz also helped me improve the mental aspect of running. She believed that my nervousness before races helped contribute to the problems I had experienced. She emphasized visualizing the race, seeing myself as “eating up the track”. Since my time with Liz, I have become a much better runner because of the lessons she taught me. I now breathe much easier and am more confident in my ability as a runner. My time with Liz was definitely well spent; she is very knowledgeable in helping athletes of all types learn to control and maximize their breathing in competition or in practice.”
- Matt Gagen, age 17, High School Cross Country and Long Distance Track  

“Your coaching really helped last year, in all my events, the 500 and the 50 free especially. This year I've picked up right where I left off on my breathing progress. Although I think I still need an inhaler, there are some slight asthmatic symptoms when I don't use it. Overall I'm thrilled with the progress I've made and would recommend your services to anyone.”
- Eric Linder, High School Swimming

“I couldn't breath.  It felt like I couldn't get oxygen to my lungs and because of that I spent the entire season in a state of self disappointment and confusion as to why I was falling back in the pack while some of the guys who I had been just as fast as were pulling away.  
    In between Cross Country and Track I began meeting with Liz to try to figure out/ fix what was wrong with my breathing.  Though, at first I was skeptical of some of the breathing techniques and methods Liz was having me do, I stuck with them and practiced them every day and sure enough they began working.  Within a couple weeks the tightness in my chest and the loss of breath that I had been experiencing began dissipating.  The best part was, the breathing exercises were easy enough that I could practice them almost anywhere.  
    My senior year yielded amazing results in both Cross (country) and Track.  I set personal bests in all of my events. I am a more confident and in control athlete because I instituted some of the techniques that Liz taught me.  I highly recommend her to fellow runners and athletes who are looking to improve, weather personally or competitively.”
- Jared Africk, High School Cross Country

“I wanted to give you a quick update on Jake's progress.  Since track season started, he's commented many times about how much better he feels with his breathing.  At a 10-school meet on Saturday, he took 1st place in the finals for the 100m, 1st in the 4x100m relay and 4th in the 200m.  He finished in either 1st or 2nd place in his heat races too.  It was fantastic watching him run, but I definitely noticed the change in his breathing after the races.  He recovered very quickly, and didn't stand out vs. the other kids, the way he did during basketball season.  I want to thank you again for helping him.  He feels much more confident since he can breath better.  Thank you!"
- Mike Tebben, father of 8th grade athlete (track, basketball, football, volleyball)

“I am so impressed with what Liz Platt has been able to accomplish with my daughter's breathing techniques.  We came to Mrs. Platt after my daughter was diagnosed with a vocal cord dysfunction and cough.  Through proper breathing techniques taught by Mrs. Platt, my daughter learned to manage her cough, and breathe properly using her diaphragm.  Now my daughter has tools to help her break any "bad" breathing cycles she may be experiencing and use "good" breathing skills to get herself back on track.  We are so fortunate to have found Liz Platt, and her understanding of the issues my daughter faces with her breathing, and new skills to overcome any breathing concerns she may have.”
- Beth Youdell, mother of client

“Karate is my favorite sport.  While competing at karate tournaments, I began having problems with my breathing.  This made me panic and I had trouble finishing my matches.  After being diagnosed with vocal chord dysfunction, I was referred to Mrs. Platt for therapy to learn how to breathe properly.  Mrs. Platt taught me breathing techniques and showed me how to match my breath with the specific movements of my sport.  I began to improve immediately.  These techniques give me the energy I need for greater endurance.  I continue to practice the techniques Mrs. Platt taught me and I am now able to compete at a higher level.  I am so grateful to Mrs. Platt, she is a lifesaver!
- Rachel Pellegrino, age 15, Karate

"Before, I thought every time I went for a run I was going to die.  I almost could not complete a cheer routine without passing out.  It was a huge improvement after learning to breathe correctly.  I can run for longer periods of time. I can now do cheer routines back to back."
- Miles Webb, High School Varsity Coed Cheerleader

“Growing up I tried every sport I could get my hands on. As early as 7 yr-old soccer I experienced some breathing problems: my throat would close up during practices and games. For the most part I was able to still enjoy sports with only an inhaler in hand. Through the years, however, my symptoms continued to worsen, with attacks coming more frequently and after less exertion. Acting on the assumption that the condition I suffered from was asthma, my doctors prescribed more medicines - up to five a day! As a side-effect I suffered from a sensitive stomach and I could always count on fighting bronchitis once or twice each winter. 
    At my lowest point I required a tank of oxygen courtside to get through a volleyball tournament and finally had to be rushed to the ER.  By the time the paramedics arrived I had lost sensation in my face and hands (my fingers curled inward), my chest felt like I was collapsing in on itself, and it was all I could do not to vomit.
    … I soon went through testing which confirmed that I did not have asthma, but instead exercise-induced vocal cord dysfunction. At this point Mrs. Platt took over my treatment.  I never would have expected speech therapy could help my symptoms, but Liz's (simple) exercises in time effectively cured me of my breathing problems.  I was soon able to go off of all my medicines - and haven't had bronchitis since!
    Mrs. Platt's techniques enabled me to live out my dream of playing 4 years of volleyball at the college level, where I eventually led the team in our running and conditioning drills.  I even spent my most recent birthday competing in a half-marathon. I am so grateful for the proper diagnosis and treatment I received from Dr. Boas, Liz Platt, and the rest of the staff. I refer to it as a miracle in my life that gave me my lift back.”
- Stephanie Smith, College Volleyball

“Around first grade when my daughter Stephanie started playing soccer, we eventually noticed she had some breathing problems in games in which she went all out. This led her to begin using an inhaler.  In junior high she played basketball, volleyball and ran track.  Breathing problems continued.  In one junior high game she got a technical foul for walking off the court and sitting down during an attack.   In high school she continued to play both basketball and volleyball with volleyball being her number one sport.  She played club volleyball and was recruited by college programs.   As she progressed in high school the problems got worse and she kept taking more medication.   In her senior year the situation got to where she could sometimes only play one quarter of a basketball game.   She managed the problem pretty well in volleyball but it began to affect her play in her last season of club ball.   We began to seek a solution.  … In a few weeks Stephanie began sessions with Liz Platt at the same time she was training for her first season of college volleyball.   She worked through the initial adjustment and by midseason she had worked herself into a regular playing position.   She quickly put the breathing problems behind her.   She played four years of competitive volleyball and was captain the last two years.   She was also all-conference her senior year.   She eventually played all around.  Her junior season she was the only player to play in every game and set. She was among the team leaders in kills, digs and aces.  During the last season she was also the leader on the team in the mile run for conditioning.  In April on her birthday she ran a half marathon at Notre Dame.   Throughout her career she continued to use the principles of breathing to help her relax in tense minutes of games.   I have to think that learning to breathe properly saved her athletic career in college.”
- Robert Smith, Stephanie’s father

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