Prior to our first appointment, I will conduct a detailed review of your medical record.  During the first session I will complete a battery of tests uniquely designed to help me understand your difficulty.  This will include "trial therapy" to insure that I plan exercises that do in fact help you improve.  A parent or guardian needs to be present for all children under 18.  


 Based on the plan made during the evaluation, we will meet to practice exercises and strategies.  Daily independent practice will always be encouraged and I will provide instructions that may include written, audio or video guidelines.  The timing, frequency and duration of therapy depends on the program designed to help you reach your goals.   


 I love working with a group focused on a particular area of skills.  For example, I teach breathing classes using Buteyko Breathing as well as other techniques.  I may also teach a group of singers about healthy vocal techniques and lifestyle for optimal vocal health and performance.


I give presentations and lectures on a variety of topics including voice, breathing, swallowing, and speech-language pathology.  I would love to create a unique learning experience for you and your group! 

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