Speech is the expression of thoughts and feelings by articulated sounds and comprises only one method of human communication.  Communication is the imparting or exchange of thoughts, feelings, information or news and is also a means of connection between people or places.  The expression of this information or thoughts occurs through speech, writing or gestures.  A speech-language pathologists may work with speech, writing and gestures to help prevent, evaluate and treat difficulties in all aspects of communication in children and adults.

Targeted Areas in My Practice

  • Presentation Skills
  • Articulation
  • Dysarthria
  • Accent or Dialect Modification
  • Fluency/Stuttering
  • Pragmatics - Non-Verbal Communication
  • Language
  • Cognition - memory, thinking, organization
  • Transgender communication


“Mrs. Platt’s teaching methods compared to what I experienced at the public school was more understandable and effective.  Once I started with Mrs. Platt, pronouncing my R’s came to me more quickly.”
- Margaret Davidson, age 13

“When our daughter Amelia was eight, we were referred to a well-known pediatric speech therapy center on the north shore.  After several months of weekly visits, I was not feeling particularly encouraged with Amelia’s progress.  A friend had suggested speaking with Liz Platt regarding Amelia’s speech issue.  Shortly thereafter, Amelia started meeting with Liz weekly and the results were incredible.  Literally after two visits with Liz we noticed a difference in Amelia’s speech and in a short time her speech impediment was completely gone.  Liz offered professional instruction with an ebullient disposition.  Liz’s technique really engaged Amelia, so that she, herself, was motivated to correct the issue.  It was an empowering moment for Amelia and I am grateful to have such a resource should our family need it again.”
- Toni Feingold, mother of client

“Speech therapy with Mrs. Platt was fun and comfortable.  She made me feel like she really wanted to help me and wasn’t just doing her job.”
- AJ Davidson, age 10

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